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Facebook is a platform of possibilities which brings its users many chances to gain popularity, distribute content and create all types of bonds with other users across the world. Viplikes help its clients in this process and offers several options for online promotion, which include followers, likes, comments in packages and a whole bunch of other packs which were created to suit various demands and aims of our potential customers. We are ready to offer you the best conditions and the best prices for each presented package, as well as highest quality technical support and professional consultations.

Lower you’ll find brief descriptions of what each option was designed for and how you can use it in your favor.


Facebook Likes Hong Kong Photo

Facebook Likes

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Facebook Events

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Facebook Followers

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Facebook Friends


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Facebook Comments

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Facebook Group Joins

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Facebook Fanpage Post Share

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Facebook Emotions Post Likes


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Facebook Video Views

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Facebook 5 Stars Text Reviews

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Facebook Likes of Post/Photo

Facebook likes.

Packages of likes presented on Viplikes allow our clients to gain as many likes on Facebook profile as they’re demanding – we’ve created 7 packages of likes and have put them on discount for our clients benefit. Likes on Facebook give you an opportunity to make your profile seem successful and daily visited by tons of users on FB, which is needed in terms of any efficient promotion set on this platform. Likes are a basic feature and should be taken on in any situation – in other words, if you’re willing to kickstart or sustain successful online development, a pack of likes for Facebook is something you should definitely include on your shopping list.

Facebook emotion post likes.

Emotion likes are a pretty additional feature yet these are sometimes exactly what an online promo is lacking. Surely, any development should start with some foundational options like thumbs up and subscribers, but further it gets, more thought-through and advanced promotion should become. That’s when said emotion likes on post come in handy – by purchasing some of these you sufficiently increase your chances on being seen as a valued, liked resource that gets tons of various feedback from its followers and random users. Emotion likes will help you to make your posts appealing and interesting to others, these are no worse than common thumbs up or reshares (which are available at Viplikes as well).

Facebook followers.

Followers and likes are probably the best combination you could think of while planning your promotion but followers actually are a little bit more important because this is exactly what gives you an opportunity to form new bonds and widen your audience over time – the more followers you get, the better your chances are. If you’re looking for professional cooperation, new bonds of any type built over Facebook or just a general audience development, you should set a pack of paid followers a first place priority in terms of planned promotion. Followers are independent enough to start and sustain your online promotion over some time, and taking on some packages from time to time can definitely better any situation which is currently happening on your profile. To learn more, check out this section and the article on it.

Facebook events.

These packages of Facebook events are the best way to promote your event and distribute information about it around the whole Facebook platform. Bought invites will attract more attention towards your plans and will bring way bigger audience than if you were trying to get it yourself. Purchased attendees are stable, they will come your way in demanded amount and won’t be discarded or inefficient; all invites that are going to be delivered to your profile are going to start planned promo of your event and will make it a hundred times more successful than you ever wanted it to be. Invites come from users all around the world, on time, without delays and postpones.

Facebook comments.

As you might already know, comments are probably the most humanly and the most lively option to use while promoting your profile. Adequately and positively written comments can change the game for your content completely – when someone sees a post with tons of great comments on it there’s a way bigger chance that a person won’t stay indifferent to it. This is exactly how paid packages of comments for Facebook work – after you attain a pack, it’s going to bring a lot to making your profile and your posts seem like naturally successful, liked and discussed ones. These paid comments will definitely unwind a lively discussion on your profile or fanpage and will make your content seen as referable and appealing to multiple random users who might become your followers as well.

Facebook group joins.

Groups sometimes are pretty hard to promote – which is why turning for some help from professional promoters became essential for Facebook group owners, who prefer to pay and get demanded amount of joins without any doubts and worries. Joins requests will come your way without delays, due to smoothly working system of delivery which Viplikes stands by.  We have a lot of packages for you to choose from – each one of them was designed for different goals, to help any type of group, from small one to the kind that’s yearning to become internationally known. Group members is something that we can provide without taking in bots and other unnecessary mechanisms – all requests will come your way from real users of Facebook.

Facebook fanpage post shares.

Reposts are also on the list of foundational options for efficient promotion – this is probably the best way to promote your content precisely, to distribute information in its original state and give people some kind of a link to your fanpage where it was originally posted on. Post shares will help you to not only do that, but also widen your potential audience pool by making thousands of new users see your posts, photos and anything else that you’ve decided to publish on your page. Purchasing some reshares and adding them up with something else from this list could be the best combination ever – post shares are virtually the best option to take on for straight and fast content distribution on Facebook, especially when it comes to information published on fanpage. To know which package you should pick up exactly, make sure to talk this over with our managers.

Facebook friends.

This is one of the best ways to improve communication with your audience – as you know, friends on Facebook are one of those users who are getting notifications when you post and improve the general look of your page. Bought package will greatly add up to your current amount of followers and will make your profile look like more naturally developed ones – friends are kind of additional and should be taken on after basic features for promo on Facebook were applied to the account. But these are definitely essential as well – friends are the mark for your profile being naturally successful and developed over time. To learn more about how and why you should take on a pack of friends, go to suited section and read the article in it.

Facebook video views.

A lot of creators choose to develop using video format – these are the people we’ve created several packages of video views for. Unfortunately nowadays the competition amongst content creators is high, which is why to make your video go viral you should definitely take on some help from professional promoters and pick a package of views. Such package will easily boost the process and will make your video noticed and seen by tons of random viewers, who might actually become your followers and regular viewers as well. This is how additional services like video views work – these options make a certain side of your profile develop plus sufficiently increase your chances on widening the audience and distributing your content more evenly.

Facebook 5 stars text reviews.

5 stars reviews are also a type of précised content distribution – if you’re in need of a good promo for a place or event, if you’re in need of even product placement or a good infomercial, gaining some reviews on your post would be the best idea ever. Positive and well-written text reviews will make anyone believe that your content is actually worth looking at and maybe even buying or working with; your success directly depends on the quality of bought reviews and Viplikes is able to help you out right now. If you’ll choose to work with us you’ll get 100% real reviews made by actual people who’ll visit your page and will leave reviews by themselves. To learn more, make sure to check out fitted section of reviews packages.

Facebook likes of post/photo.

It’s completely clear – if you want your photo or pos to be promoted evenly and seen by many new random users of Facebook, you should take on a package of likes and see how greatly your content can do with a bit of help from a professional promo manager. Such option will give you possibility to focus on making new unique and appealing content, while the matter of popularity will be taken care by Viplikes’ professionals.

Viplikes is here to help you out and guide you through the whole process of planned promotion; we’re going to provide you with quality services and help you decide which one of them is your first priority and is needed on your page right now. Make sure to contact us any time to cooperate, take on professional help if order’s forming or discuss creation of your very own exclusive extra big package of any option you’ve seen on the site.