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Buy Facebook friend requests

Have you ever noticed how sometimes Facebook accounts with unusual names are sending you friend requests? Usually people register under their real names which are used in their IDs/ Sometimes a Facebook account may not belong to a person but to an enterprise. Using such approach enterprises market their products or services. In order to succeed some of them even buy Facebook friend requests.

Why is that happening? Maybe, it’s more rational to create an official business page, use Facebook advertisement, thus persuading FB citizens to buy items from an online store?

Maybe for big enterprises it’s a good idea, but for beginners or people who choose to achieve instant results, creating business accounts is a better manner.

If someone thinks – Facebook accounts for business carry out no outcome, they are wrong. If an organization is small and has a narrow target audience, creating pages with huge numbers of followers doesn’t make sense for them. It’s better to concentrate on a small number of consumers but to receive from them more benefits.

Because of that people even buy Facebook friends online – when real FB citizens of different genders leave friend requests. It’s a good manner to quickly market items for sale.

Why people are interested in buying Facebook friends?

Buy friends on Facebook – such suggestion sounds unusual, isn’t it? But for those who dream about popularity on Facebook or about bigger revenues from their organizations, it sounds logical.

Everyone has already noticed that the main Facebook page is showing news about friends. We usually find our friends’ pictures, posts, events which they are about to visit, where they check-in themselves, etc. Several years ago, on this main page we saw posts from pages to which we were subscribed. Now we see them less frequently.

This approach was integrated because Facebook wants to show only those publications which make sense to FB users. It means that we see more important publications and only then posts from business pages to which we are subscribed.

This new manner has led to drastic changes in the work of marketers. Now it’s more difficult to use Facebook as advertising tool. This is why more and more FB users create business accounts. When they publish pictures, posts, etc., all friends see them in notifications. So, the chances that they visit official website are higher than in the case of a page.

Not just online-shop owners may use this approach, bloggers too can popularize their articles.

  • Writers of popular articles may obtain even more readers if they create an account and buy real Facebook friends. Each time they publish a new article, they may inform Facebook friends about new content.
  • Retailers who want to enlarge their customer bases can create such accounts and purchase Facebook friends. It’s even better since it’s easier to communicate with consumers. They may order specific items, for example, someone wants to buy a T-shirt with an amusing picture or sign, so, they can make a request for such an item.
  • Business owners which have online-stores can pay for Facebook friends and improve their sales. As in the case of retailers, this group also can create more productive relationships with their consumers. People may directly ask about items they want to buy.

Of course, huge enterprises won’t manage to progress using an account, but smaller companies can truly benefit from accounts. In this case FB business owners need friends who can be persuaded to buy products. Buying Facebook friends is a good way to start.

Purchasing real friends for a Facebook account mean that people leave requests and client approves these requests. When they approve them, real friends of recently approved Facebook users may see recommendations to add this account as a friend.

If people decide to add you, then your business is expanded since you achieve new consumers. Just make sure you buy real friends for a Facebook profile, and omit suggestions to buy fake Facebook friends. How can you buy friends on Facebook which are real, not fake? Use Viplikes!

Viplikes – synonym of quality

The reason why we emerge from other companies, is that we truly care about quality of given services. We care about our reputation and what our clients think about us.

This is why we offer real friends for a truly cheap price and with discounts. It’s understandable that budget for marketing services may be limited and clients need to make sure that they buy cheap services.

How to buy friends on Facebook?

Look above and pick one of the packs which we offer. There are two fields which you need to fill. After this action simply fill in information about preferred method to pay and complete the order.

Who can buy friends requests for Facebook?

Any person who has a bank account or electronic wallet to pay for the number of friends’ requests.

Viplikes works twenty-four hours each day, so contact us if you want to buy Facebook friend requests.